Siemens Solution Partner - Digital Industry Software

PT CNC Disain Nusantara as Siemens Solution Partner for Digital Industries Software,

We provide Siemens NX Software for Design (NX CAD) which is an integrated solution that helps you develop innovative new products.

Additionally We offer Siemens NX for Manufacturing (NX CAM) which is a software solution for machine tool programming, postprocessing and machining simulation.

NX CAD and CAM Software helps designers and manufacturers deliver better products faster using powerful, integrated CAD and CAM solutions that realize the full value of the digital twin.


Faster product design cycles

Create high-quality new products with less rework and fewer prototypes using NX CAD.

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Shorter time-to-delivery

Meet tight deadlines with NX integrated design and manufacturing capabilities.

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First-time yield

Boost KPIs while improving sustainability with NX CAM.

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