GÜDEL TrackMotion Overhead - TMO

Need to extend your robot's reach to efficiently serve more machines within your factory? Facing limited factory floor space to enable this extension ?

Introducing Güdel Group Linear Track Systems for Robotics: Unleashing FlowMotion in every dimension. From handling light loads to heavy-duty tasks weighing several tons, Güdel Linear Track Systems offers precision, efficiency, and whisper-quiet operation.

TrackMotion Overhead (TMO) solves the challenge of limited floor space for both people and machines. It allows the robot to work above or alongside the workpiece or machine being operated on instead of using a floor mounted track.

TrackMotion provides 3 different robot position mountings. There is elevated (TMO-E); wall mounted (TMO-W), and ceiling mounted (TMO-C) for inverting the robot. 

The biggest benefit to the customer is that they are maximizing their robot investment.

When a robot is placed on a 7th-axis linear track it can double, triple even quadruple the robot's work envelope. Furthermore, this maximizes the robot's efficiency and productivity.

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